Fall Quarter, 2011:

Date Speaker Title
October 7 Andrew Hamiliton, Arizona State University Groups, Individuals, and the Emergence of Sociality
October 21 Jan-Willem Romeijn, University of Groningen A New Resolution of the Judy Benjamin Problem
November 4 Tamar Lando, Columbia University Probabilistic Semantics for Modal Logic
November 18 Sheldon Smith, University of California, Los Angeles The Miracle of Applied Mathematics: A Case Study in Mathematical Development Involving the Fractional Derivative

Winter Quarter, 2012:

Date Speaker Title
January 13

Bryan Roberts,                University of Pittsburgh

When Does Quantum Mechanics Distinguish Past from Future?
January 27 Brandon Fogel, University of Chicago You Can't Always Get What You Want: How Bell's Theorems Just Might Help Physics Get What It Needs
February 10 Jim Weatherall, University of California, Irvine Can Newtonian Gravitation Explain Inertial Motion?
February 17 Nicholas Teh, Trinity College, University of Cambridge On Topological Objects in Field Theory
February 23 Marta Helina, University of California, San Diego Are Great Apes Capable of Level 1 Visual Perspective Taking?
March 16 William Bechtel, University of California, San Diego Organization and Dynamic Mechanistic Explanation

Spring Quarter, 2012:

Date Speaker Title
April 26 William Harper, UNiversity of Western Ontario Isaac Newton's Scientific Method
May 18 Mark Sainsbury, University of Texas, Austin An Originalist Theory of Concepts
June 8 Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve University Fermat's Last Theorem for Philosophers



Colloquia take place on Friday at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room), unless otherwise noted.

Fall Quarter, 2010:

Date Speaker Title
October 22 Bradley Monton, University of Colorado, Boulder In Defense of the Flow of Time
November 19 Gunter Wagner, Yale University A Measurement Theoretical Approach to Conceptualize Fitness
This will be at 3:30pm in SBSG 1517
December 10 Willemien Kets, Santa Fe Institute Bounded Reasoning and Higher-Order Uncertainty


Winter Quarter, 2011:


Date Speaker Title
January 7 Don Garrett,  New York University Hume's Sense of Probability
This talk will be in SBSG 1517.
January 21 Andrew Arana, Kansas State University Purity of methods and the varieties of content
January 28 Teru Miyake, Stanford University Gaining Access: Indirect Measurement in Planetary Astronomy and Geophysics
February 4 Sean Walsh, Birkbeck, University of London Empiricism, Probability, and Knowledge of Arithmetic
February 11 Helge Rückert, University of Mannheim The Conception of Validity in Dialogical Logic
February 18 Michael Friedman, Stanford University A Post-Kuhnian Approach to the History and Philosophy of Science
This talk will be in SBSG 1517.
February 25 Hans Halvorson, Princeton University What scientific theories could not be
March 4 Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) A non-inferentialist, anti-realistic conception of logical truth and falsity
March 11 Rick Grush, UCSD Demonstratives, space, and control.
This talk will be in SBSG 1517.

Spring Quarter, 2011:


Date Speaker Title
Saturday, April 9 Philosophy of Physics Workshop
This will be held in SBSG 1517.
April 15 Volker Halbach, Oxford University Computational Structuralism
Wednesday, April 20 Allen Hazen, University of Alberta A metaphysical ichnofossil: the variable in Quine's ML
May 6 Ralf Schindler, Universität Münster Dilemmas and truths in set theory
May 20 Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania Russell's Progress: Spatial Dimensions, the From-Which, and the At-Which
This will be held in HOB2 232.



Fall Quarter, 2009:

Date Speaker Title
Thursday, October 29 Edward Zalta A Defense of Logicism
November 20 Kohei Kishida Generalized Topological Semantics for First-Order Modal Logic
December 4 Patricia Churchland Morality and the Social Brain

Winter Quarter, 2010:


Date Speaker Title
January 15, Humanities Gateway, Room 1010 John McFarlane Ifs and Oughts
February 5 Barry Lam Calibrated Probabilities and the Epistemology of Disagreement
February 19 Paolo Mancosu Measuring the size of infinite collections of natural numbers: Was Cantor's theory of infinite number inevitable?
Thursday, February 24 Roy T. Cook Revenge, Indefinite Extensibility, and Infinitary Connectives
March 12, SBSG 1517 Tony Martin On the Concept "set of x's"

Spring Quarter, 2010 :


Date Speaker Title
Monday, March 29 Dagfinn Follesdal Gödel and Husserl
April 16 Kenny Easwaran Regularity and Infinitesimal Credences
April 30 Thomas Ryckman (To be announced)



Fall Quarter, 2008:




October 17

Jeremy Avigad

The role of the diagram in Euclid's *Elements*

Thursday, October 23 (3:30 pm)

Hannes Leitgeb

A Probabilistic Semantics for Counterfactuals

October 24

Hannes Leitgeb

On Formal and Informal Provability

October 31

Rohit Parikh

Knowledge, games, and Tales from the East

November 14

Gerhard Schurz

The Meta-Inductivist’s Winning Strategy in the Prediction Game: A New Approach to Hume’s Problem

December 5

John Manchak

Can We Know the Structure of Our Universe?

Winter Quarter, 2009:





January 23

David Baker

Antimatter Without Antiparticles

February 27

Tim Carlson

Patterns of embeddings and natural well orderings

March 13, SST 318

Clark Glymour

Causality, from Hume to Now

Spring Quarter, 2009:





April 10

Alexander Paseau

Hilbert, Gödel, Instrumentalism and Inductive Reasons

May 1, 2pm, SSPB 1208

Mohan Matthen

Five Ways Perceptual Content can be Conceptual (or Non-Conceptual)

May 1, 4pm, SSPB 1208

Fred Dretske

What We See: The Texture of Conscious Experience

Monday, May 11, 11:30 am

Michael Dickson

Time in Quantum Mechanics

May 15

Edouard Machery

Did Morality Really Evolve?

June 5 (HIB 315)

Tyler Burge

Perceptual Objectivity



Fall Quarter, 2007:




October 5

Franz Huber

"Rankings Rock"

October 19

Elaine Landry

"A Silly Answer to a Psillos Question:  Objects in Mathematics and Physics "

November 2

Michael Dickson




November 16

Waldemar Rohloff


November 30

Erich Reck


Winter Quarter, 2008:





March 7

Ruth Millikan


Spring Quarter, 2008:





April 4

David Albert




Fall Quarter, 2006:




September 29

Gunnar Wilken

 "Ordinals and Substructures"

October 6

Sue Carey

"The Origin of Concepts--Natural Number"

October 13

Wayne Wright

"Perception, color, and realism"

October 27

Wayne Aitken

 "Algorithmic Logic: a Model of Type-Free Logic"

November 13 (Monday)

Simon Huttegger

"Evolutionary Explanations of Indicatives and Imperatives"

November 17

David Stern

"Wittgenstein Versus Carnap on Physicalism: A Reassessment"

December 1

Sam Hillier

"The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction in Carnap’s Logical Syntax of Language"

Winter Quarter, 2007:




January 12

Jeremy Heis

"Abstracting Concepts and Constructing Concepts:  Concept Formation and Geometrical Construction in Kant and His Successors"

January 26

Grant Ramsey

"Biological Altruism Reconsidered"

February 2

William Wojtach

"The Eyes Don't Have It: A Strategy For Rethinking Perception"

February 16

Justus Diller

"Functional Interpretations of Constructive Set Theory in All Finite Types"  (SST 318)

March 16

Patrick Grim

"Tangled Webs: Network Structure in Cooperation, Communication, and Epistemology"

March 23-25

Irvine/Florence Workshop 


Spring Quarter, 2007:




April 6

Bob Geroch

"Computation and Physics"

May 4

Patrick Forber

"A New Role For Eliminative Reasoning"

May 18

Ken Waters

“Causes That Make a Difference”

May 25

Laura R. Franklin-Hall

A Third Way? Prospects for Modular Anti-Reductionism in Developmental Biology

June 1

Jon Jarrett

"The Romance of Entanglement:  Completeness, Separability, and Passion-at-a-Distance"

June 8

John Rapalino

"The Status of the Continuum Hypothesis (DH) Today"



Fall Quarter, 2005:




October 14

Lisa Shabel
Ohio State University

  "Kant on the Foundations of Geometry"

October 21

Wolfram Pohlers
Universität Münster

"Ordinal Analyses and Large Cardinals"

October 28

Ulrich Pardey
University of California, Irvine /
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

"Semantic Antinomies outside semantically closed languages:  A critique of Tarski’s analysis of the liar antinomy"

November 4

Zoltan Szabo
Cornell University

 "How many what?"

November 18

Robert Di Salle
University of Western Ontario

 "On the correct interpretation of a physical theory"

December 2

Michael O. Hardimon
University of California, San Diego

"The Idea of a Scientific Concept of Race"

Winter Quarter, 2006:




January 13

Richard Mendelsohn
City University of New York (CUNY)

  "Propositions and the Scope Distinction"

February 3

Stephan Hartmann

The London School of Economics (LSE)

"Modeling in Philosophy of Science"

February 11

Featuring: Kevin Klement (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Teri Merrick (Azusa Pacific University), and Crispin Wright (University of St. Andrews)


February 17 - 19

 Laguna Workshop

  Philosophy of Biology

March 10

 Alan Richardson
University of British Columbia


"Whither Philosophy of Science? Logical Empiricism and Philosophy of Science in the Early Twenty-First Century"

Spring Quarter, 2006




April 28

Thomas Hofweber
University of North Carolina

 "Logicism without logic"

May 4

Jonathan Kaplan
Oregon State University

"The End of the Adaptive Landscape Metaphor?"

May 26

Arthur Fine
University of Washington

 "Structural Realism, Then and Now"

June 9

Matthew Ostrow
Wesleyan University

"Unraveling the “Not” of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus"



Fall Quarter, 2004:




October 8

Tim Shanahan
Loyola Marymount  University, Los Angeles 

"Why Don't Zebras Have Machine Guns? Recent (and Not so Recent) Work on Adaptationism and Constraint"

October 22

Mark Balaguer
California State University, Los Angeles

"Indexical Propositions and De Re Belief Ascriptions"

November 5

Brian Woodcock
University of California, Irvine

"Problems and Pseudo-Problems for Hyperplane Dependence"

December 3

Chris Smeenk
University of California, Los Angeles

"Fine Tuning Problems in Cosmology"

December 10

Richard Zach
University of Calgary; UCI  Visiting Fellow

"How to Argue For and Against a Logic of Vagueness"

Winter Quarter, 2005:




January 14

Paul Pietroski
University of Maryland

"Human Syntax, and Why Philosophers Should Care"

January 28

Heidi Maibom
Carleton University

"Moral Unreason: The Case of Psychopathy"

February 11

Peter Koellner
Harvard University

"On Some Recent Developments in the Search for New Axioms"

February 16

day; 3 pm

Jeremy Butterfield
All Soul's College, Oxford

"Relationism and the Rigid Body: Counting Possibilities in Mechanics"

March 4

Ben Escoto
University of California, Irvine

"A Bayesian Approach to Probability Coordination"

March 16

non-standard  day; 3 pm

Don Fallis
University of Arizona

"Epistemic Value Theory and Judgment Aggregation: From the Doctrinal Paradox to the Lottery Paradox?"

March 18

James Woodward
California Institute of Technology

"Causation with a Human Face"

Spring Quarter, 2005




April 22

Sherrilyn Roush

Rice University

"Knowledge of Logical Truth"

May 13

Steven Downes
University of Utah

"The Animal Within: The Application of Animal Behavior Models in the Explanation of Human Behavior"

May 20

Simon Huttegger
University of Salzburg; UCI Visiting Student

"Efficient Social Contracts and Population Growth"

May 27

Gila Sher

University of California, San Diego

"Epistemic Friction: A Neo-Quinean Model"

June 3

Charles Parsons
Harvard University; UCLA

"The Problem of Absolute Universality"

June 20

day; 3 pm

Michael Strevens

"Scientists Don’t Know What Their Own Theories Say...
and It’s a Good Thing Too



Fall Quarter, 2003:




September 26

David C. McCarty
The Logic Program, Indiana University

"What's Wrong with Intuitionism?"

October 10

Tyler Burge
University of California, Los Angeles

"Logic and Analyticity"


October 24

Daniela M. Bailer-Jones
University of Pittsburgh, University of Bonn

"Phenomena Revisited"

November 7

C. Anthony Anderson
University of California, Santa Barbara

"Quantified Modality in the Style of Frege and Church" 

November 21

Edward N. Zalta
Stanford University, CSLI

"Frege, Boolos, and Logical Objects"

December 5

John MacFarlane
University of California, Berkeley

"A Relativist Semantics for "S knows that p"

December 12

Matt Foreman
Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine


Winter Quarter, 2004:




January 23

Branden Fitelson
UC Berkeley

"A User-Friendly Probability Machine, with Applications to Bayesian Philosophy of Science"

January 30

Krister Segerberg
Visiting Professor, UCLA and
Universitat Uppsala

"Can There Be a Modal Logic of Actual Knowledge"

February 20

William Bechtel
University of California, San Diego

"Mechanism and Biological Explanation"

February 27

James Higginbotham
University of Southern California


March 19

Nuel Belnap
University of Pittsburgh

"How causal probabilities might fit into our objectively indeterministic world"

Spring Quarter, 2004:




April 9

Diego Marconi
Visiting Professor, UC Irvine and
Università del Piemonte Orientale

"Neuropsychological data, intuitions, and semantic theories"

April 16

David E. Rowe
University of Mainz (Germany)

"Mathematical Motifs in the Early History of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity"

May 1

Featuring: Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon),
Erich Reck (UC Riverside) and
Thomas Ricketts (Northwestern)


Fregefest web page http://kleene.ss.uci.edu/~kai/fregefest.html

May 7

Chris Smeenk
University of California, Los Angeles


May 14

 Peter Ludlow
University of Michigan

"LF and Natural Logic:
The Syntax of Directional Entailing Environments"

May 21

Michael Resnik
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Revising Logic"

May 28

Byeong-Uk Yi
University of Minnesota and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine

"Is logic axiomatizable?"

June 4

Kevin Kelly
Carnegie Mellon University

"What Did Ockham Ever Do for You?"

June 11

Sherri Roush
Rice University and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine

"Real Anti-Realism"




Fall Quarter, 2002:




October 4

Bill Harper
University of Western Ontario

"Newton's Moon-test"

October 18

Marc Lange
University of Washington

"Laws and their Stability"

Ocotber 26

Logical Constants Workshop
Phineas Banning Alumni House


November 15

Bill Harms
Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC/Seattle Central Community College

"Computational Evolutionary Epistemology"

November 22

Bob Batterman
The Ohio State University

"Falling Cats, Parallel Parking, and Polarized Light"

Winter Quarter, 2003:




January 24

Ernie Lepore
Rutgers University

"Context Shifting Arguments"

February 7

Elliott Sober
University of Wisconsin - Madison

"Likelihood, Model Selection, and the Duhem-Quine Problem"

February 14

Elaine Landry
University of Calgary

What Structure Is and That Structure Is.

February 21

Stephen Yablo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Content Carving for Fun and Profit"

February 28

Lawrence Sklar
Carl G. Hempel and William K. Frankena Distinguished
University Professor of Philosophy
The University of Michigan

Philosophy/LPS Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Lecture

"Scientific Idealization and Scientific Reality"

Please note: 7:30 p.m. Social Science Lecture Hall 100

March 7

John Burgess
Princeton University

"From Frege to Friedman: a Dream Come True?"

Spring Quarter, 2003:




April 4

Michael Glanzberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Presuppositions, Truth Values, and Expressing Propositions"

April 10

Thomas Forster
Cambridge University

"Evolution of the Platonic workshop: the manufacture of new mathematical entities"

April 11

Wolfgang Spöhn
Universitat Konstanz


May 2

Paolo Mancosu
University of California, Berkeley

"The varieties of mathematical explanation"

May 9

Miklós Rédei
Loránd Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine

"Reichenbach's Common Cause Principle"

May 16

Rick Grush
University of California, San Diego

"Brain time and Phenomenological Time"

May 30

Christopher Martin
Indiana University





Fall Quarter, 2001:




October 19

Kenneth Taylor
Stanford University

"What's in a Name?"

October 26

Ken Akiba
University of Missouri

"Vagueness in the World"

November 9

Alasdair Urquhart
University of Toronto

"Anomalous Objects"

November 30

Harvey Friedman
The Ohio State University

"The Current Status of the Foundations of Mathematics"

Winter Quarter, 2002:




January 10

Patricia Marino
U. C. Irvine

"A New Kind of Victory
for Truth as Correspondence"

January 11

Chris Pincock
U.C. Berkeley

"A New Perspective on
Applying Mathematics"

January 18

Christopher Stephens
University of Oklahoma

"When is it Selectively Advantageous
to Have True Beliefs?"

January 25

Mathias Frisch
Northwestern University

"Classical Electrodynamics and the Role
of Consistency in Scientific Theorizing"

February 1

Kai Wehmeier
Universität Tübingen

"Weakening the comprehension principle in
Frege's Grundgesetze"

February 7
7:30 p.m.
SSPA 1100

Persi Diaconis
Stanford University
UCI Chancellor's
Distinguished Fellow


February 8

Richard Jeffrey
Princeton University

"After the Unbearable Heaviness of
Logical Empiricism"

February 15

Daniel Steel
University of Pittsburgh

"Dispensing with Ceteris Paribus: Mechanisms,
Interfering Factors, and Exporting Causal Generalizations"

February 22

John Horty
University of Maryland

"A Logic for Action,
with Applications in Ethics"

March 1

William Demopoulos
University of Western Ontario

On the Rational Reconstruction of our Theoretical Knowledge"

March 5

Juliet Floyd
3:00 p.m.

Boston University

"Wittgenstein's Remarks on Gödel"?

March 5

Akihiro Kanamori
4:30 p.m.

Boston University

"The Empty Set, the Singleton,
and the Ordered Pair"

March 15

Benedikt Loewe
Universität Bonn
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine

"Two Case Studies of Mathematical Modelling in Philosophy"

Spring Quarter, 2002:




April 5

Richard Heck
Harvard University


May 3

Jeff King
U.C. Davis

"A Puzzle About Fear (And Suspicion, And Memory, And...)"

May 10

Rohit Parikh
City University of New York

"Finite Information Logic"

May 31

Jim Joyce
University of Michigan
California Institute of Technology

"Causal Reasoning and Backtracking"

June 7

Michael Detlefsen
Notre Dame University

"Creation and Completeness"



Fall Quarter, 2000:




October 6

Richard Creath
Arizona State University

" The Arc of an Argument:
Issues and Changes in Quine's Views on Analyticity

October 20

Richard Healey
University of Arizona

" Gauge Potentials:
Physical Reality or Mathematical Fiction?

October 27

Laura Ruetsche
University of Pittsburgh

" In space, no one can hear you steam: Hawking radiation,
Rindler quanta, and the interpretation of quantum field theory
(UCI-UCSD Colloquium in Logic and Philosophy of Science)

November 3

Achille Varzi
Columbia University

"Sense and reference of event names"
(co-sponsored with the Philosophy & Linguistics colloquium series)

December 1

Jamie Tappenden
University of Michigan

A Reassessment of the Mathematical Roots of Frege's Logicism:
Some History, Some Philosophy

Winter Quarter, 2001:




January 12, 2001

Alva Noë
University of California,
Santa Cruz

"Is the visual world a grand illusion?"

January 19, 2001

Jonathan Cohen
University of British Columbia

" Color Properties and Color Experience:
When and When Not To Be A Functionalist"

January 26, 2001

Richard Zach
University of California, Berkeley

"The Practice of Finitism -- epsilon-Calculus
and Consistency Proofs in Hilbert's Program

February 2, 2001

Thomas Polger
University of Cincinnati

"Putnam's Intuition:
Varieties of Multiple Realizability Worth Wanting

Febryary 9, 2001

Kent Johnson
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

" On Semantic Structure"

February 23, 2001

Mark Wilson
University of Pittsburgh

"On Cracked Reasoning "

March 16, 2001 4pm
SSPA 2112
Note non-standard
time and pace!

Robert Stalnaker

"Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and Games"

Spring Quarter, 2001:

April 6, 2001

Michael Stöltzner
University of California, Irvine
Universität Salzburg
Institut Wiener Kreis, Vienna

" Opportunistic Axiomatics
John von Neumann on the Methodology of Mathematical Physics

April 20, 2001

Volker Halbach
University of California, Irvine
Universität Konstanz

" Possible Worlds Semantics for Intensional Predicates"

May 4, 2001

Thomas Forster
University of California, Irvine
Cambridge University

" Reasoning about Virtual Entities

May 18, 2001

Vann McGee

"The Maiasaur Problem"

May 25, 2001

Thomas Forster
University of California, Irvine
Cambridge University

"Reasoning about Virtual Entities II"

June 1, 2001

Peter Godfrey-Smith
Stanford University

"Adventures in Indoor Ornithology"

June 8, 2001

Craig Callender
UC San Diego

"Taking Thermodynamics (Too) Seriously"



All colloquia take place in SSPB 1208 at 3pm, unless noted otherwise.

Fall Quarter 1999




October 1, 1999

Roger Wertheimer
University of California, Irvine

"Translating Logic"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 12 noon

October 15, 1999 

Richmond Thomason
University of Michigan 

"Modeling the attitudes of other agents"

October 21, 1999 

Solomon Feferman
Stanford Univeristy 
Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow

"In the Light of Logic"
SSLH 100, 7;30pm

October 22, 1999

Anita B. Feferman

"Clues from the Tarski Archives: A Story and a Journal"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 4 pm
Reception to follow

November 12, 1999

Jeffrey Bub
University of Maryland, UCSD 

" Post Cold War Quantum Cryptography"

November 29, 1999

Michael Ruse
University of Guelph

" Darwinism and Atheism: A Marriage Made in Heaven?"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 1:30pm

December 3, 1999

Harvey Friedman
Ohio State University


December 10, 1999

Hartry Field
New York University 

"Indeterminacy, Degree of Belief, and Excluded Middle"
[Hartry Field's paper (in pdf format) is available 
for download in a normal or "2-up" version. ] 

Winter and Spring 2000




January 19, 2000

Jason Alexander
Logic & Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine

"The Evolution of Distributive Justice"
Philosophy-LPS Joint Colloquium
HOB2 233, 3pm

January 21, 2000

David Cunning
Philosophy, UC Irvine

"Resolving Cartesian Confusions"
Philosophy-LPS Joint Colloquium
SSPB 1208, 1pm

February 11, 2000

Patricia Blanchette
Notre Dame University

"Frege's Metatheory"
SSPB 1208, 3 pm

February 25, 2000

William Harper
University of Western Ontario

"Resilient Measurement:
A defense of Newton's application of Law 3
to argue that gravity is a force of interaction
between bodies."

March 17, 2000

Jody Azzouni
Tufts University


March 24, 2000

Carl Wagner
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Tennessee

"Uncertain Old Evidence and
Probabilistic New Explanation

April 13, 2000

Wolfgang Spohn
Universität Konstanz

"Dispositions Revisited"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 3pm
note non-standard day and place

May 26, 2000

Hans Halverson
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Pittsburgh

"Does Relativity Imply Quantum Nonlocality?
Unpacking the Reeh-Schlieder Theorem

June 2, 2000

Harvey Friedman
Ohio State University

Normal Mathematics Needs New Axioms!


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