DocuSign Form Instructions: 

Enter the name and email addresses of everyone requested on the form that will need to be routed to for a signature/approval.
You will need to list yourself as the initiator as well as the student
If the form asks for the chair contact, please use  Simon Huttegger
If the form asks for the associate dean contact, please use Michael McBride
If your form ask for the International Center contact, please use the name International Center and email
The form will ask for the Graduate Division contact, please use the name Graduate Division and email
Once the PowerForm is filled out, press 'Begin Signing' to start the signing process. The page will load into the form and show the fields to complete. When done, press 'Finish' at the top.

*If the form does not ask to be completed through DocuSign, please download the DOCX. or PDF form and submit it to the LPS Department Staff.


Master’s degree

DocuSign: Master's Advancement to Candidacy Comprehensive Exam Option: or PDF.

(Please complete through DocuSign.)

DocuSign: Final Degree Paperwork for the Master's Degree/Comprehensive Exam: or PDF.

(Please complete through DocuSign.) 

DocuSignChange of degree level or PDF.

(Please complete through DocuSign.)


Advancement to PhD candidacy

PhD advancement to candidacy/Committee nomination form

(Please turn into the Economics Department Staff two weeks before your advancement exam)

DocuSign:  PhD: Form 1: Advancement to candidacy PhD degree or PDF.

(Please complete through DocuSign.)

*This form requires a fee. See below for the payment link.


Leave of Absence

DocuSign: Academic Leave of Absence or PDF.

(Please complete through DocuSign)

Internationals Students Academic Leave of Absence 
(Please complete through DocuSign)

File for PhD degree

DocuSign: Ph.D. Dissertation Checklist/final degree paperwork packet or PDF

(Please complete through DocuSign)

DocuSign: Filing Fee Petition
(Please complete through DocuSign)

International Students Filing Fee Petitions
(Please complete through DocuSign)

Summer Filing Fee Petition or PDF

(Please complete through DocuSign)

International Students Summer Filing Fee Petition
(Please complete through DocuSign)

Separation Form - To be turned in upon graduation

(Please turn into the LPS Department Staff)


In order to complete and submit the forms listed here, students must pay the required fee from the link below. Once the required fee has been paid students will receive an electronic receipt, please upload the receipt via the attachment icon to your DocuSign form. Please note, without proof of payment the form is considered incomplete and cannot be processed.

Filing Fee petition

Ph.D. Advancement to Candidacy Fee

Readmission Petition Fee for Graduate Students





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