Undergraduate Program

The interdisciplinary nature of Logic and Philosophy of Science can be seen in the strong contribution LPS makes to the undergraduate curriculum at UC Irvine.

Logic and Philosophy of Science faculty oversee an interdisciplinary minor in History and Philosophy of Science and teach a number of courses that may be used to satisfy its requirements. Requirements for the minor may be found in the UCI general catalogue.

LPS (in cooperation with the Department of Philosophy) offers a logic sequence that satisfies General Education requirements in categories II, Va, and Vb. The three courses in the sequence provide excellent preparation for analytical sections of standardized examinations (e.g. LSAT and GRE). They also provide the best possible preparation for careful reasoning and argument generally. These courses are LPS 29 Critical Reasoning, LPS 30 Introduction to Symbolic Logic, and LPS 31 Introduction to Inductive Logic.

LPS also offers lower-division courses in the history and philosophy of science that may be used to satisfy General Education requirements in categories II and IV. These courses are LPS 40 Scientific Inquiry and LPS 60 Making of Modern Science.

LPS faculty regularly teach several Social Science Core courses for second-year students in the Campuswide Honors Program. They also teach a number of Honors seminars, covering topics from the foundations of quantum physics to representations of time in physics, philosophy, fiction, and film.

The Department of Physics offers a Bachelor's Degree in Physics with a Concentration in Philosophy of Physics. LPS faculty are responsible for several of the required courses in the concentration. The concentration is appropriate for physics students who are interested a more detailed account of our best physical theories. The requirements for the concentration are described in the UCI general catalogue.

The Department also hosts an annual Summer Diversity Program, designed for undergraduate and masters students who are interested in graduate study in logic and/or philosophy of science and who are members of groups that are underrepresented in these fields.




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