The Hypatia Society

Founded in 2010, the Hypatia Society aims to promote the retention and success of women and other gender minorities in the discipline of philosophy. Toward this end, the group aims to create a supportive, friendly, and open space to discuss issues related to gender, diversity, and discrimination; as well as to voice our concerns to the broader community, to work toward easing tensions, search for solutions, and collaborate with other groups committed to increasing diversity in their disciplines.

Hypatia connects women at all stages of their philosophical careers. The graduate organization works to mentor undergraduate women interested in philosophy.  This mentorship involves group events, and personal connections between members of Hypatia and students at UC Irvine. Hypatia also provides current members with connections to an increasingly broad alumni network of philosophy faculty.  These connections give current Hypatians access to advice on graduate careers, the job market, and early years as faculty. Some of the most important relationships in Hypatia are between women at similar career stages, who provide joint mentorship and support.


Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is a collection of students in philosophy departments that aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. Currently, MAP has 117 chapters throughout the world. 

The UCI Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Chapter has focused on issues such as inclusive pedagogy, equity and diversity training, pipeline issues, and gender discrimination. Notable contributions developed by the chapter include: the organization of a Southern California Coalition of MAP chapters (current participants include: UCI, USC, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCR) and a conference “Perspectives on Gender” co-sponsored with the UCI Hypatia Society (2014). UCI MAP chapter members have also contributed to the development of the TH!NK Program- a program that connects UCI graduate philosophy students with 5th grade students at local elementary schools with the aim of introducing young people to philosophical thought and discourse, develop critical thinking skills through philosophical discussion, and introduce young students from traditionally under-represented groups to philosophers working toward the advancement of such groups in the discipline.

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Climate Committee

The LPS Climate Committee was established in Fall 2020 to ensure that members of the LPS community are able to do their best work and become responsible world citizens. The LPS Climate Committee is led by graduate students and is dedicated to ensuring that the department is an inclusive space for students (undergraduate and graduate), staff members, faculty members, and visitors. We are especially committed to cultivating a welcoming environment for members of under-represented groups in philosophy, such as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) philosophers, philosophers of marginalized gender identities (such as nonbinary people and women), philosophers with disabilities, LGBTQI philosophers, among others.

The Climate Committee administers an annual graduate student climate survey to collect anonymous input on the current state of the departmental climate. We also advocate for the department to be as inclusive as it can.  This work includes organizing our own events and initiatives as well as advocating for a proactive department culture regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have also provided recommendations for policies and events at the departmental level,  including: 

  • Providing regular anti-racist educational resources (graduate coursework, trainings, speakers) for the entire community and for special occasions (such as hiring committees, admissions committees, evaluation committees, etc.).

  • Establishing awards recognizing the service work that department members provide towards building an inclusive and welcoming space.

  • Proactively removing barriers to participation for philosophers with disabilities.

We look forward to running and promoting more initiatives in the future. 

Furthermore, the Climate Committee serves as a liaison when individual climate-related incidents occur. The Climate Committee is not expected to adjudicate these cases, but can, if necessary, provide (partial) anonymity to the individuals involved, referrals to campus services, and general recommendations aimed at preventing similar incidents from happening in the future.  

For inquiries, please contact The LPS Climate Committee was designed by Jingyi Wu.

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