Visiting Scholars Program

Each year, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science hosts research visitors from other institutions. In typical years, funding is available to cover travel and housing costs for several visitors, allowing new or established faculty to visit UC Irvine for periods ranging from several weeks to one or more full academic quarters. The stipend award amount typically depends on the length of the proposed visit and the availability of funds. Responsibilities involve interacting with both faculty and graduate students on current research projects. The competition for the 2024-25 visitor program is now closed; information about the 2025-26 visitor program will be announced during the Fall quarter.


Past Visitors


Neil Dewar, October - November, 2023, University of Cambridge

Sarita Rosenstock, November 2024, University of Melbourne

Hannah Rubin, March 2024, University of Missouri

Eleanor March, April 2024, University of Oxford

Gerhard Schurz, Spring 2024, University of Düsseldorff


Gregorie Dupuis-McDonald, 2022-23, University of Salzburg (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)

Manuel Rebuschi, January - February, 2023, University of Lorraine

Alexander Franklin, January - May 2023, King's College, London


Adam Becker, 2020-21, Author and Astrophysicist


Marcel Weber, Fall 2019, University of Geneva

Richard Bradley, Winter 2020, London School of Economics

Samuel C. Fletcher, Spring 2020, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Matteo De Ceglie, 2018-19, (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)

Michael Nielsen, Fall 2018

Marta Sznajder, Fall 2018

Sorin Bangu, Winter 2019

Rafael Ventura, Winter 2019


Vincenzo De Risi, Winter 2018

Roland Muehlenbernd, Fall 2017

Toby Meadows, Fall 2017

Stephen Mueller, 2017-18 (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)

Joshua Norton, Spring 2018


Francesca Biagioli, Spring 2017

Walter Dean, Winter 2017

Gregor Greslehner, 2016-17 (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)

Stella Moon, Winter / Spring 2017

Ulrich Pardey, Fall 2016

Guillaume Schlaepfer, Spring/Fall 2016


Jonathan Birch, Visiting Scholar, Spring

Patrick Forber, Visiting Scholar, Winter/Spring,

Reto Gubelmann, Visiting Assistant Research Scholar

Gary Hatfield, Visiting Scholar, Spring

Rohit Parikh, Visiting Research Scholar, Winter

Richard Pettigrew, Visiting Scholar, Fall

Paul Weingartner (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)


Nora Mills Boyd, Visiting Assistant Research Scholar, Spring

Kun Gao, Visiting Assistant Research Scholar

Alexander Mirnig, Visiting Research Scholar (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)

Collin Rice, Visiting Assistant Research Scholar, Spring

Alexandre B. Romano, Visiting Assistant Research Scholar


Rohan French, Visiting Assistant Researcher, Winter / Spring

Martin Fischer, Visiting Assistant Researcher, Winter

Henri Galinon, Visiting Associate Researcher, Winter / Spring

Sam Roberts, Visiting Assistant Researcher, Fall


Jorge M. Pacheco, Visiting Research Scholar, Spring

Vitor Vasconcelos, Visiting Assistant Researcher, Spring

Xiaodong Pan, Visiting Associate Researcher

Martin Thomson-Jones, Visiting Associate Researcher

Christian Wimmer, Visiting Scholar (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)


Wolfgang Berger, Visiting Scholar (Salzburg Exchange Scholar)


Wan Xiolong, Visiting Associate Researcher


Wayne Aitken, Visiting Research Scholar

Hao Zhaokuan,  Visiting Associate Researcher

Rohit Parikh, Visiting Research Scholar



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