Kenny Easwaran    Professor Easwaran has worked on the roles of axioms and proofs in structuring the social organization of mathematical knowledge. He is also working on a project about the philosophical and scientific applicability of mathematics that depends on the Axiom of Choice.

Jeremy Heis    One focus of Professor Heis's historical work has been the philosophy of mathematics from Kant through the neo-Kantians (especially Cassirer), particularly as it was influenced by changes in mathematics itself.  Another is the development of logic and philosophy of logic in the 19th century (from Kant to Frege).

Penelope Maddy (Emerit)   Much of Professor Maddy's work has been aimed at the question of how we justify the axioms of set theory, including new axioms extending beyond ZFC.  This has led her into general questions in the metaphysics and epistemology of mathematics and the ground of logical truth.

Toby Meadows  Professor Meadows is a mathematical logician and philosopher of mathematics. He is particularly focused on problems in philosophy of set theory and foundations of mathematics. His research is concerned with questions relating to large cardinals, multiverse conceptions of set theory and comparison between rival foundations for mathematics.

Kai Wehmeier  Professor Wehmeier works in philosophical logic and philosophy of logic, as well as adjacent areas in philosophy of language and metaphysics. Much of his recent research has been concerned with the logical analysis of modality and identity. Another focus is the philosophy of Gottlob Frege.

Jeffrey Barrett shares some research interests with this group; in particular, he and Affiliated Faculty member Wayne Aitken have an active research project on algorithmic logic, a type-free logic of intensional functions.  James Weatherall also shares some interests with the group, in particular concerning applications of category theory in both the foundations of physics and the foundations of mathematics. 

Via the Center for the Advancement of Logic, its Philosophy, History and Applications (C-Alpha), the Logic Group is engaged in a cooperation with the University of Connecticut Logic Group that includes an annual exchange of visitors.  They also enjoy close relations with the UCLA Logic Center and the Center for Mathematical Philosophy at the University of Munich, Germany.  Roughly every other year, the Logic Group organizes the UCI FregeFest, a two-day workshop devoted to the work of the inventor of modern logic, Gottlob Frege, and the ramifications of his work for contemporary philosophy.  Frequent additional workshops on various topics in logic and the philosophy of mathematics take place on an ad hoc basis (see links below).  The Logic Seminar, held each winter quarter, is the group's research seminar, in which work in progress by resident faculty and graduate students, as well as occasional visitors, is presented.  Finally, the LPS Logic Group is a participant in the Southern California History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics Group, and a regular host of its meetings.

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