The Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science and the Department of Philosophy jointly administer a Ph.D. program in philosophy with two independent tracks:  the Philosophy Track and the LPS Track. Both tracks begin from a common core of requirements in standard philosophical fields (e.g., history of philosophy, logic, ethics, metaphysics/epistemology) and branch off thereafter; both lead to the Ph.D. in Philosophy.  (For information on the Philosophy Track, see the Department of Philosophy.)

Prospective Students:  There are separate and independent application procedures for the two tracks.

Applicants are advised to apply to the department, either LPS or Philosophy,  whose faculty, areas of specialization, and curriculum correspond best with their interests. Students are expected to reside in the same department as their primary advisor, but faculty in both departments are available for all other academic purposes (course work, independent studies, committee membership, etc.).

Most students in LPS are supported with fellowships and/or teaching assistantships that cover student fees and tuition (for out of state students) and provide a stipend.

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