Academic Year: 2023-24


Fall 2023


September 25: Fall Quarter Begins 

September 28: First Day of Instruction

September 29, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Academic Personnel, General Updates), SST 777

September 29, 3PM: First Year Orientation


October 6, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Academic Personnel), SST 777

October 6, 3PM: Fall Convocation (Philosophy Department),

October 13, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Kevin Zollman (Carnegie Mellon), SSPB 1222

October 27, 5PM: First Portfolio Deadline (via Email to Olga)

October 27-28: Symmetry and Structure Workshop, SBSG 1321


November 3-4: Conceptual and Mathematical Foundations of Science Workshop, SBSG 1321

November 9, 12PM: LPS Lunchtime Talk with Alison Gopnik (Berkeley), SBSG 1517

November 10, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Portfolio)

November 10: Veterans Day Holiday (observed, administrative offices closed)

November 23-24: Thanksgiving Holiday (administrative offices closed) 


December 8, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Cameron Buckner (Houston), SSPB 1222

December 8: Instruction Ends

December 9-15: Final Examinations

December 15, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Academic Personnel), SST 777

December 15, 2PM: Department Townhall, SST 777

December 15, 3:30PM: Annual Holiday Party & White Elephant, Gateway Park, UHills

December 15: End of Quarter

December 21, 5PM: Deadline to submit final Fall grades

December 23 – January 2: Administrative Recess (administrative offices closed)


Winter 2024


January 3: Winter Quarter Begins

January 8: First Day of Instruction

January 12, 3PM: Faculty Meeting (Admissions)

January 12, 5PM: Second Portfolio Deadline (via Email to Olga)

January 15: M.L. King Jr. Holiday (administrative offices closed)

January 19, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Emily Adlam (Chapman), SSPB 1222

January 26, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Portfolio), SST 777


February 2: LPS / DoP Graduate Student DECADE Conference, TBD

February 9, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Kevin Dorst (MIT), SSPB 1222

February 10: Workshop on Reflection in Formal Epistemology, SBSG 1321

February 16, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Rose Novick (University of Washington), SSPB 1222

February 19: Presidents’ Day Holiday (administrative offices closed) 


March 1-2: Prospective Graduate Student Visit Weekend, Gathertown

March 1, 12PM: LPS Colloquium with Hannah Rubin (University of Missouri), SSPA 2112 / Zoom

March 8, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Admissions), SST 777

March 15, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Joel David Hamkins (Notre Dame), SSPB 1222

March 15: Instruction Ends

March 16 – 22: Final Examinations

March 22: Quarter Ends


Spring 2024


March 27: Spring Quarter Begins

March 28, 5PM: Deadline to submit final Winter grades

March 29: Cesar Chavez Day Holiday (administrative offices closed)


April 1: First Day of Instruction 

April 12-13: Workshop: Human Cognitive Evolution, SBSG 1321

April 26, 3PM: LPS colloquium with Thomas Icard (Stanford), SSPB 1222


May 3, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Annual Review of Students), SST 777

May 10, 12PM: Faculty Meeting (Portfolio / Academic Personnel), SST 777

May 10, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Veronica Gomez Sanchez (Berkeley), SSPB 1222

May 17-18: C-ALPHA Irvine / Nancy Workshop, SBSG 1321

May 24, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Una Stojnić (Princeton), SSPB 1222

May 27: Memorial Day Holiday (administrative offices closed)


June 7: Instruction Ends

June 7: Career Day, SSPB 1222

June 7, 2PM: Department Townhall, SSPB 1222

June 7, 3PM: LPS Colloquium with Nico Orlandi (UC Santa Cruz)

June 7, 5:30PM: End-of-Year Party, Gateway Park, UHills

June 8 – 13: Final Examinations

June 14: Quarter Ends

June 15: Graduate Hooding

June 19: Juneteenth (administrative offices closed)

June 20, 5PM: Deadline to submit final grades


July 4: Independence Day (administrative offices closed)





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