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Fall 2021

LPS 29: Critical Reasoning (Gonzalez)
LPS 30: Intro Symbolic Logic (Wehmeier)
LPS H81: What is Space (Manchak)
LPS 104: Intro to Logic (Colclough)
LPS 105A: Elementary Set Theory (Meadows)
LPS 140: Philosophy of Medicine (Ross)
LPS 141B: Geometry & Spacetime (Manchak)
LPS 205A: Set Theory (Meadows)
LPS 241: Geometry & Spacetime (Manchak)
LPS 244_SecA: Social Dynamics (Skyrms & Narens)
LPS 244_SecB: PPE Proseminar (Huttegger)


Winter 2022

LPS 29: Critical Reasoning (GTA - Herrmann)
LPS 30: Intro to Symbolic Logic (Meadows)
LPS 40: Scientific Inquiry (Manchek)
LPS 91: Honors Philosophy of Sex (GTA - Farrell)
LPS 105B: Metalogic (Wehmeier)
LPS 205B: Metalogic (Wehmeier)
LPS 244: PPE Proseminar II (Huttegger)
LPS 246: Logic Seminar (Wehmeier and Meadows)


Spring 2022

LPS 31: Intro Induct Logic (GTA - K. Kadowaki)
LPS 60: Making Modern Science (GTA - Rushing)
LPS H95: Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law (Stanford)
LPS 105C: Incompleteness (Meadows)
LPS H123: What is Disease? (Ross)
LPS 140: Science and Religion (Manchak)
LPS 205C: Incompleteness (Meadows)
LPS 213: Space and Geometry (Heis)
LPS 240: Chance (Huttegger and Skyrms)
LPS 242: Causation of Bio (Ross)
LPS 244: PPE III (Stanford)
LPS 247: Philosophy of Mathematics (Meadows)
LPS 289: LPS Workshop (Stanford)





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