Fall 2019
LPS 29_Critical Reasoning_MWF_9-9:50_SSH 100_J. Heis
LPS 60_Making Modern Science_MWF_11-11:50_HIB 110_W. Stafford
LPS H81_What is Space?_T-Th_11-12:20_SSL 171_ J. Manchak
LPS H95_Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law_T-Th_3:30-4:50_SSL 145_K. Stanford
LPS 104_Introduction to Logic_T-Th_2-3:20_ SSL 171_J. Schatz
LPS 105A/205A_Elementary Set Theory_T-Th_11-12:20_SST 120_T. Meadows
LPS 140_ Philosophy of Medicine_T-Th_12:30-1:50_SSL 105_L. Ross
LPS 213_Topics in Modern Philosophy_W_2-4:50_SST 120_J. Schatz
LPS 215_Classics of Logicism_W_10-12:50_SSL 171_J. Heis
LPS 241_Geometry and Spacetime_M_2-4:50_SSL 171_J. Manchak
LPS 244_Social Dynamics_Tu_2-4:50_SST 777_B. Skyrms
LPS 244_Evolution of Signaling_Th_1-3:50_SST 442_B. Skyrms
LPS 244_PPE_Proseminar I_MW_9:30-10:50_SST 442_S. Huttegger
Soc Sci-Honors-H1G_Critical Issues_T-Th_12:30-1:50_SSH 100_J. Barrett / K. Stanford
Sabbatical: Weatherall
Winter 2020 (tentative)
LPS 29: Critical Reasoning (GTA_K. Kadowaki) 
LPS 30: Intro to Symbolic Reasoning (Meadows)
LPS 40: Intro to Philosophy of Science (Manchak)
LPS 91: Philosophy of Sex (O'Connor)
LPS H91: Honors Philosophy of Sex) (O'Connor)
LPS 105B /205B: Metalogic (Wehmeier)
LPS 120: Philosophy of Race (Heis)
LPS H123: "What is Disease" (Ross)
LPS 147: Philosophy of Math (Heis)  cancelled
LPS 240: Topics in Philosophy of Science (Stanford)
LPS 244: PPE II -1st year Proseminar (Huttegger)
Sabbatical: Skyrms; Weatherall
Spring 2020 (tentative)
LPS 30: Intro to Symbolic Reasoning (Wehmeier)
LPS 31: Intro to Logic (GTA_G.Rothfus)
LPS 60: Making Modern Science (Ross)
LPS 105/205C: Undecidability and Incompleteness (Meadows)
LPS 206: Topics in Logic: Iterated Ultrapowers (Meadows)
LPS 240: Topics in Philosophy of Science (Ross)
LPS 241: Quantum Mechanics (Barrett)
LPS 242: Evolution and Morality (Stanford)
LPS 244: PPE III - 1st year Proseminar (O'Connor)
LPS 144/244: Evolution and the Social Contract (Skyrms)
LPS 246: Logic Seminar (Wehmeier)
SocSci H1E: The Good Life (O'Connor and Weatherall)
Sabbatical: Manchak; Weatherall (LOA in residence)


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