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The Justine Lambert Prize is awarded by LPS every two to four years for the best paper submitted by a graduate student dealing with "foundational issues in the formal, natural or social sciences, using tools, methods and results from scientific practice to cast light on the conceptual, philosophical, and scientific relevance of those issues".  The Lambert Prize competition is open to all graduate students at the University of California, Irvine, regardless of department or school affiliation.  

The Lambert Prize carries a $2,000 award made possible by a generous  bequest from the sons and friends of Justine Lambert.

The 2024 Lambert Prize competition is now closed.  Winners will be announced in late March.


Past winners of the Lambert Prize


Parush Arora (Econ) for “Combining Density Forecasts using Bayesian Opinion Pools”

Clara Bradley (LPS) for “Do First-Class Constraints Generate Gauge Transformations? A Geometric Resolution”

Josiah Lopez-Wild (LPS) for “A Computable von Neumann-Morgenstern Representation Theorem”


Nidhi Banavar (Cognitive Sciences) for her paper "Variability in Complex Constructs: Inferring risk preference and temporal discounting"

Jingyi Wu (LPS) for her paper "Explaining Universality: Infinite Limit Systems in the Renormalization Group Method"


Alexander Etz (Cognitive Sciences) for his paper “J.B.S. Haldane’s Contribution to the Bayes Factor Hypothesis Test”

Travis Lacroix (LPS) for his paper "Salience and Signaling"


Li Xiao (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry) for his paper  "A Multi-Scale Method for Dynamics Simulation in Continuum Solvent Models: Finite-Difference Algorithm for Navier-Stokes Equation"

Keun (Nari) Ah Ryu (Chemistry) for her paper "Stimulation of Innate Immune Cells by Light-Activated TLR7/8 Agonists"


Benjamin Feintzeig (LPS) for his paper "Hidden Variables and Commutativity in Quantum Mechanics"

Cailin O'Connor (LPS) for paper "The Evolution of Vagueness"


Jim Weatherall (LPS) for his paper "The Motion of a Body in Newtonian Theories"


John Manchak (LPS) for his paper "Can we know the global structure of spacetime?"

Elliott Wagner (LPS) for his paper "Communication and Structured Correlation"


Rory Smead (LPS) for his paper "The Evolution of Cooperation in the Centipede Game with Finite Population."


Kevin Zollman (LPS) for his paper "Talking to Neighbors: The Evolution of Regional Meaning."


Christopher Doble (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences) for his paper "On Invariance Properties of Empirical Laws."

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