Logic & Philosophy of Science


Michael Ruse
Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph

“Darwinism and Atheism:
A Marriage Made in Heaven?”

Today, many Darwinians and Creationists stand united on the belief that Darwinism and Christianity are incompatible world systems. This is the claim of Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett and Will Provine on the Darwinian side, and of Alvin Plantinga, Philip Johnson and Michael Behe on the Creationist side. And many of those who would defend the possibility of holding both systems at once — like Stephen Jay Gould in "Rock of Ages" — do so by gutting Christianity to such an extent that it would find favor with a logical positivist. In this talk, I want to defend the possibility that of a vigorous Darwinism-Christianity synthesis. I am not arguing for Darwinism or Christianity per se — as it happens I am one but not the other — however I do think that the possibility of scientific commitment and religious belief is much stronger than many argue.

Monday, November 29, 1999
1:30pm in SSPA 2112