Workshop: On Reflection

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Date: February 10, 2024
Location: Social and Behavior Sciences Gateway, 1321  (campus map)
Time: 9:30am - 5:15pm, with refreshments from 9am.
Logistics: Paid parking available in Social Science Parking Structure

Précis: On standard approaches to Bayesian epistemology, a rational agent's beliefs must satisfy the reflection principle: the agent's expectations about their future credence in some proposition must be compatible with their current credence, where precisely what "compatibility" means can be spelled out in several ways.  In recent work, Kevin Dorst and Michael Rescorla have given (different) arguments that reflection need not hold in general, even for rational agents.  This meeting will bring together philosophers working on the status of reflection principles and on conditionalization more broadly to assess the status of reflection, in light of these recent arguments and more generally.

9am: Continental Breakfast
9:30am: Opening Remarks by Kenny Easwaran (UCI)
9:45am: Kevin Dorst (MIT)
10:45am: Michael Rescorla (UCLA)
11:45am: Catered Lunch
1pm: Snow Zhang (Berkeley)
2pm: Jennifer Carr (UCSD)
3pm Coffee Break
3:15pm Kevin Zollman (Carnegie-Mellon) 
4:15pm Simon Huttegger (UCI)

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