Colloquia 2001/2002

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All colloquia take place at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room),
unless otherwise noted.

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Fall Quarter, 2001:

Date Speaker Title
October 19 Kenneth Taylor
Stanford University
"What's in a Name?"
October 26 Ken Akiba
University of Missouri
"Vagueness in the World"
November 9 Alasdair Urquhart
University of Toronto
"Anomalous Objects"
November 30 Harvey Friedman
The Ohio State University
"The Current Status of the Foundations of Mathematics"

Winter Quarter, 2002:

Date Speaker Title
January 10
Patricia Marino
U. C. Irvine
"A New Kind of Victory
for Truth as Correspondence"
January 11 Chris Pincock
U.C. Berkeley
"A New Perspective on
Applying Mathematics"
January 18 Christopher Stephens
University of Oklahoma
"When is it Selectively Advantageous
to Have True Beliefs?"
January 25 Mathias Frisch
Northwestern University
"Classical Electrodynamics and the Role
of Consistency in Scientific Theorizing"
February 1 Kai Wehmeier
Universität Tübingen
"Weakening the comprehension principle in
Frege's Grundgesetze"
February 7
7:30 p.m.
SSPA 1100
Persi Diaconis
Stanford University
UCI Chancellor's
Distinguished Fellow
February 8 Richard Jeffrey
Princeton University
"After the Unbearable Heaviness of
Logical Empiricism"
February 15 Daniel Steel
University of Pittsburgh
"Dispensing with Ceteris Paribus: Mechanisms,
Interfering Factors, and Exporting Causal Generalizations"
February 22 John Horty
University of Maryland
"A Logic for Action,
with Applications in Ethics"
March 1 William Demopoulos
University of Western Ontario
On the Rational Reconstruction of our Theoretical Knowledge"
March 5
Juliet Floyd
3:00 p.m.

Boston University
"Wittgenstein's Remarks on Gödel"?
March 5
Akihiro Kanamori
4:30 p.m.

Boston University
"The Empty Set, the Singleton,
and the Ordered Pair"
March 15 Benedikt Loewe
Universität Bonn
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
"Two Case Studies of Mathematical Modelling in Philosophy"

Spring Quarter, 2002:

Date Speaker Title
April 5 Richard Heck
Harvard University
May 3 Jeff King
U.C. Davis
"A Puzzle About Fear (And Suspicion, And Memory, And...)"
May 10 Rohit Parikh
City University of New York
"Finite Information Logic"
May 31 Jim Joyce
University of Michigan
California Institute of Technology
"Causal Reasoning and Backtracking"
June 7 Michael Detlefsen
Notre Dame University
"Creation and Completeness"

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