JB Manchak

john byron manchak.

curriculum vitae

on gödel and the ideality of time
is the universe as large as it can be?
supertasks (with bryan roberts)
time machines (with john earman and chris wüthrich)
epistemic holes in spacetime
time (hole?) machines
on spacetime singularities, holes, and extensions
geometry of conventionality (with jim weatherall)
global spacetime structure
essay review of david malament (2012)
time travel: why it may not pay to work out all the kinks
what is a physically reasonable spacetime?
no no-go: a remark on time machines
on efficient time travel in gödel spacetime
on the possibility of supertasks in general relativity
on the existence of time machines in general relativity
on force in cartesian physics
is spacetime hole-free?
can we know the global structure of spacetime?
is prediction possible in general relativity?

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