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All colloquia take place in SSPB 1208 at 3pm, unless noted otherwise.
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Fall Quarter 1999

Date Speaker Title
October 1, 1999 Roger Wertheimer
University of California, Irvine
"Translating Logic"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 12 noon
October 15, 1999  Richmond Thomason
University of Michigan 
"Modeling the attitudes of other agents"
October 21, 1999  Solomon Feferman
Stanford Univeristy 
Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
"In the Light of Logic"
SSLH 100, 7;30pm
October 22, 1999 Anita B. Feferman
"Clues from the Tarski Archives: A Story and a Journal"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 4 pm
Reception to follow
November 12, 1999 Jeffrey Bub
University of Maryland, UCSD 
" Post Cold War Quantum Cryptography"
November 29, 1999 Michael Ruse
University of Guelph
" Darwinism and Atheism: A Marriage Made in Heaven?"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 1:30pm
December 3, 1999 Harvey Friedman
Ohio State University
December 10, 1999 Hartry Field
New York University 
"Indeterminacy, Degree of Belief, and Excluded Middle"
[Hartry Field's paper (in pdf format) is available 
for download in a normal or "2-up" version. ] 

Winter and Spring 2000

Date Speaker Title
January 19, 2000 Jason Alexander
Logic & Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine
"The Evolution of Distributive Justice"
Philosophy-LPS Joint Colloquium
HOB2 233, 3pm
January 21, 2000 David Cunning
Philosophy, UC Irvine
"Resolving Cartesian Confusions"
Philosophy-LPS Joint Colloquium
SSPB 1208, 1pm
February 11, 2000 Patricia Blanchette
Notre Dame University
"Frege's Metatheory"
SSPB 1208, 3 pm
February 25, 2000 William Harper
University of Western Ontario
"Resilient Measurement:
A defense of Newton's application of Law 3
to argue that gravity is a force of interaction
between bodies."
March 17, 2000 Jody Azzouni
Tufts University
March 24, 2000 Carl Wagner
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
"Uncertain Old Evidence and
Probabilistic New Explanation
April 13, 2000 Wolfgang Spohn
Universität Konstanz
"Dispositions Revisited"
SSPA 2112 (IMBS room), 3pm
note non-standard day and place
May 26, 2000 Hans Halverson
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Pittsburgh
"Does Relativity Imply Quantum Nonlocality?
Unpacking the Reeh-Schlieder Theorem
June 2, 2000 Harvey Friedman
Ohio State University
Normal Mathematics Needs New Axioms!

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