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All colloquia take place on Friday at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room),
unless otherwise noted.

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Fall Quarter, 2006:

Date Speaker Title
September 29
Gunnar Wilken
 "Ordinals and Substructures"
October 6
Sue Carey  "The Origin of Concepts--Natural Number"
October 13 Wayne Wright
"Perception, color, and realism"
October 27
Wayne Aitken  "Algorithmic Logic: a Model of Type-Free Logic"
November 13 (Monday)
Simon Huttegger
"Evolutionary Explanations of Indicatives and Imperatives"
November 17
David Stern "Wittgenstein Versus Carnap on Physicalism: A Reassessment"
December 1 Sam Hillier

"The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction in Carnap’s Logical Syntax of Language"

Winter Quarter, 2007:

Date Speaker Title
January 12
Jeremy Heis "Abstracting Concepts and Constructing Concepts:  Concept Formation and Geometrical Construction in Kant and His Successors"
January 26 Grant Ramsey "Biological Altruism Reconsidered"
February 2 William Wojtach "The Eyes Don't Have It: A Strategy For Rethinking Perception"
February 16 Justus Diller "Functional Interpretations of Constructive Set Theory in All Finite Types"  (SST 318)
March 16
Patrick Grim
"Tangled Webs: Network Structure in Cooperation, Communication, and Epistemology"
March 23-25
Irvine/Florence Workshop   

Spring Quarter, 2007:

Date Speaker Title
April 6 Bob Geroch "Computation and Physics"
May 4 Patrick Forber "A New Role For Eliminative Reasoning"
May 18 Ken Waters “Causes That Make a Difference”
May 25 Laura R. Franklin-Hall A Third Way? Prospects for Modular Anti-Reductionism in Developmental Biology
June 1
Jon Jarrett
"The Romance of Entanglement:  Completeness, Separability, and Passion-at-a-Distance"
June 8 John Rapalino "The Status of the Continuum Hypothesis (DH) Today"

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