Colloquia 2005/2006

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All colloquia take place on Friday at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room),
unless otherwise noted.

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Fall Quarter, 2005:

Date Speaker Title
October 14
Lisa Shabel
Ohio State University
  "Kant on the Foundations of Geometry"
October 21 Wolfram Pohlers
Universität Münster
 "Ordinal Analyses and Large Cardinals"
October 28 Ulrich Pardey
University of California, Irvine /
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
"Semantic Antinomies outside semantically closed languages:  A critique of Tarski’s analysis of the liar antinomy"
November 4 Zoltan Szabo
Cornell University
 "How many what?"
November 18
Robert Di Salle
University of Western Ontario
 "On the correct interpretation of a physical theory"
December 2
Michael O. Hardimon
University of California, San Diego
"The Idea of a Scientific Concept of Race"

Winter Quarter, 2006:

Date Speaker Title
January 13
Richard Mendelsohn
City University of New York (CUNY)
  "Propositions and the Scope Distinction"
February 3 Stephan Hartmann
The London School of Economics (LSE)
"Modeling in Philosophy of Science"
February 11
Featuring: Kevin Klement (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Teri Merrick (Azusa Pacific University), and Crispin Wright (University of St. Andrews)
February 17 - 19
 Laguna Workshop   Philosophy of Biology
March 10
 Alan Richardson
University of British Columbia

"Whither Philosophy of Science? Logical Empiricism and Philosophy of Science in the Early Twenty-First Century"

Spring Quarter, 2006

Date Speaker Title
April 28 Thomas Hofweber
University of North Carolina
 "Logicism without logic"
May 4 Jonathan Kaplan
Oregon State University
"The End of the Adaptive Landscape Metaphor?"
May 26
Arthur Fine
University of Washington
 "Structural Realism, Then and Now"
June 9 Matthew Ostrow
Wesleyan University

"Unraveling the “Not” of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus"

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