Colloquia 2003/2004

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All colloquia take place on Friday at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room),
unless otherwise noted.

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Fall Quarter, 2003:

Date Speaker Title
September 26 David C. McCarty
The Logic Program, Indiana University
"What's Wrong with Intuitionism?"
October 10 Tyler Burge
University of California, Los Angeles
"Logic and Analyticity"  
October 24 Daniela M. Bailer-Jones
University of Pittsburgh, University of Bonn
"Phenomena Revisited"
November 7 C. Anthony Anderson
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Quantified Modality in the Style of Frege and Church" 
November 21 Edward N. Zalta
Stanford University, CSLI
"Frege, Boolos, and Logical Objects"
December 5 John MacFarlane
University of California, Berkeley
"A Relativist Semantics for "S knows that p"
December 12 Matt Foreman
Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine

Winter Quarter, 2004:

Date Speaker Title
January 23 Branden Fitelson
UC Berkeley

"A User-Friendly Probability Machine, with Applications to Bayesian Philosophy of Science"
January 30 Krister Segerberg
Visiting Professor, UCLA and
Universitat Uppsala

"Can There Be a Modal Logic of Actual Knowledge"
February 20 William Bechtel
University of California, San Diego
"Mechanism and Biological Explanation"
February 27 James Higginbotham
University of Southern California
March 19 Nuel Belnap
University of Pittsburgh
"How causal probabilities might fit into our objectively indeterministic world"

Spring Quarter, 2004:

Date Speaker Title
April 9 Diego Marconi
Visiting Professor, UC Irvine and
Università del Piemonte Orientale
"Neuropsychological data, intuitions, and semantic theories"
April 16 David E. Rowe
University of Mainz (Germany)
"Mathematical Motifs in the Early History of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity"
May 1 Fregefest
Featuring: Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon),
Erich Reck (UC Riverside) and
Thomas Ricketts (Northwestern)

Fregefest web page http://kleene.ss.uci.edu/~kai/fregefest.html
May 7 Chris Smeenk
University of California, Los Angeles
May 14  Peter Ludlow
University of Michigan
"LF and Natural Logic:
The Syntax of Directional Entailing Environments"
May 21 Michael Resnik
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Revising Logic"
May 28 Byeong-Uk Yi
University of Minnesota and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
"Is logic axiomatizable?"
June 4 Kevin Kelly
Carnegie Mellon University
"What Did Ockham Ever Do for You?"
June 11 Sherri Roush
Rice University and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
"Real Anti-Realism"

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