Colloquia 1998/1999

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All colloquia take place in SSPB 1208 at 3pm, unless noted otherwise.
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Winter and Spring, 1999

Date Speaker Title
February 8, 1999  Graham Priest
University of Queensland 
"Inconsistencies in the Empirical Sciences"
February 16, 1999 Guido Bacciagaluppi
Oxford University
"Statistical explanation in Classical and Quantum Physics"
March 18, 1999 Richard Jeffrey
Princeton University
"Probabilistic Epistemology"
May 14, 1999 Bill Harms
University of British Columbia 
"The Evolution of Norms"
[ Download a copy of Bill Harms' paper (pdf format) ] 
May 21, 1999  Peter Vanderschraaf
Carnegie-Mellon University 
"Instituting the Hobbesian Commonwealth"

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