Colloquia 2002/2003

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All colloquia take place on Friday at 3pm in SST 777 (GPACS Conference room),
unless otherwise noted.

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Fall Quarter, 2002:

Date Speaker Title
October 4 Bill Harper
University of Western Ontario
"Newton's Moon-test"
October 18 Marc Lange
University of Washington
"Laws and their Stability"
Ocotber 26
Logical Constants Workshop
Phineas Banning Alumni House

November 15 Bill Harms
Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC/Seattle Central Community College
"Computational Evolutionary Epistemology"
November 22 Bob Batterman
The Ohio State University
"Falling Cats, Parallel Parking, and Polarized Light"

Winter Quarter, 2003:

Date Speaker Title
January 24 Ernie Lepore
Rutgers University
"Context Shifting Arguments"
February 7 Elliott Sober
University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Likelihood, Model Selection, and the Duhem-Quine Problem"
February 14 Elaine Landry
University of Calgary
What Structure Is and That Structure Is.
February 21 Stephen Yablo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Content Carving for Fun and Profit"
February 28 Lawrence Sklar
Carl G. Hempel and William K. Frankena Distinguished
University Professor of Philosophy
The University of Michigan

Philosophy/LPS Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Lecture
"Scientific Idealization and Scientific Reality"

Please note: 7:30 p.m. Social Science Lecture Hall 100
March 7 John Burgess
Princeton University
"From Frege to Friedman: a Dream Come True?"

Spring Quarter, 2003:

Date Speaker Title
April 4 Michael Glanzberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Presuppositions, Truth Values, and Expressing Propositions"
April 10 Thomas Forster
Cambridge University
"Evolution of the Platonic workshop: the manufacture of new mathematical entities"
April 11 Wolfgang Spöhn
Universitat Konstanz

May 2 Paolo Mancosu
University of California, Berkeley
"The varieties of mathematical explanation"
May 9 Miklós Rédei
Loránd Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary and
Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine
"Reichenbach's Common Cause Principle"
May 16 Rick Grush
University of California, San Diego
"Brain time and Phenomenological Time"
May 30 Christopher Martin
Indiana University

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