Beginning in the 2015-16 academic year, UCI started a new 4+1 M.A. in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE) program, which has its administrative home in the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science.

PPE aims at providing students with a broad yet thorough education in the three constitutive fields. Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. The program’s objective is to train individuals to critically evaluate individual and collective decision-making and public policy.  Philosophy equips students with tools to reason rigorously and facilitates ethical reflection. Economics provides tools for evaluating individual and collective decision-making. And Political Science provides an understanding of the real contexts in which ethical and economic principles must be applied. Thus the three disciplines inherent in PPE are mutually supportive and a background in each is necessary for an individual to gain a robust understanding of social phenomena.  

The 4+1 M.A. in PPE may be of considerable interest to students interested in obtaining additional education focused on ethics, logic, decision-making, and public policy. This is also excellent preparation for students considering law school.

For more information on course requirements, please click here.

The program invites applications from UCI students, especially those majoring in philosophy, political science or economics. The normal course of study involves the successful completion of some undergraduate requirements before graduation, together with one year of graduate study at UCI. Students are asked to apply one year prior to their expected date of graduation. The application deadline this year is April 26, 2019. Students are notified before May 31, 2019. Applications should be sent to Patty Jones ( and should include

  • A cover letter.
  • A statement of purpose (1-2 pages).
  • An official transcript, including GPA.
  • One letter of recommendation from faculty in Philosophy, Political Science, or Economics.  

For questions, please contact Cailin O'Connor, PPE Program Director, at:

The PPE program involves faculty from the Departments of Economics, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, and Political Science. The participating faculty include:


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