Southern California Philosophy Conference

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Hosted by: UC, Irvine
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2001

Program Committee
Co-chairs: Nick White (UC-Irvine) and Kyle Stanford (UC-Irvine) Members: Larry Nolan (CSU Long Beach), Bonnie Kent (UC-Irvine), Brian Keeley (Pitzer), Aaron James (UC-Irvine), Bill Bristow (UC-Irvine), Jeff Barrett (UC-Irvine)

Plenary Address: Pat Suppes (Stanford University)

Sessions will include: Philosophy of Mind, the History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, and Ethics and Political Philosophy.

Topic Streams and responsible committee members:
Ethics: Bonnie Kent
Speakers: Dana Nelkin, Gary Watson and Bonnie Kent.

Political Philosophy: Aaron James
Speakers: Barbara Herman, Dick Arneson and Aaron James

Phil Mind and Language: Brian Keeley
Speakers: Peter Ross (Poly-Pomona), Jonathan Cohen (UCSD), Dominic Murphy (Caltech), Brian Keeley (Pitzer), Kent Johnson (UC-Irvine), and Peter Graham (UC-Riverside).

History of Modern Philosophy: Larry Nolan (CSU Long Beach)

Philosophy of Science: Jeff Barrett (UC-Irvine)

Graduate Student Papers: Bill Bristow (UC-Irvine).

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