Laguna Workshop in the

 Philosophy of Biology 2006

Feb. 17-19, 2006, Hotel Laguna



Friday � February 17

Session I  (9 am -12 pm)

Sandy Mitchell, �Contingency in Complex Biological Systems�

Steve Frank, �Cancer and Some Problems of Inference�


Session II  (2 pm -5 pm)

Andre Ariew, �Explaining Trait Prevalence vs. Explaining Adaptation�

Bruce Glymour, �Wayward Modeling�


Saturday � February 18

Session III  (9 am -12 pm)

Alan Love, �Reductionism, Development, and Time�

Michael Rose, �Living Through a Scientific Revolution:  The Last 40 Years of Aging Research�


Session IV  (2 pm -5 pm)

Paul Griffiths, �Function, Homology, and Character Individuation�

Elliott Sober, �Which Similarities Provide the Best Evidence of Common Ancestry?�


Sunday � February 19

Session V  (9 am -12 pm)

Steve Downes, �What is Heritability Analysis Good For?�

Francisco Ayala, �Darwin�s Revolution:  Design Without a Designer�

A continental breakfast will be available each morning of the conference beginning at 8 am in the Catalina meeting room.


Sponsored by

 UCI Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science

UCI School of Social Sciences

UCI School of Biological Sciences

UCI Research and Graduate Studies

UCI Program in History and Philosophy of Science


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