Laguna Workshop 2008 in Honor

of Professor Brian Skyrms

March 13-15, 2008, Hotel Laguna


�������������������� ��������������������������������Thursday - March 13

7pm - SkyrmsFest Dinner Event:�� Olamendi�s Restaurant, Laguna Beach

1100 S Coast Hwy # 202,Laguna Beach, CA 92651 ~ (949) 497-4148


���������������������������������������� ��Friday- March 14


Session I (9am � 12 noon)


Kevin J.S. Zollman, �The Reduction of Strategic Plasticity: Evolution, Game Theory, and the Baldwin Effect�


William Harms, �Determining Extensions in Signaling Games�


Peter Vanderschraaf, �The Invisible Fool�


Session II (2 pm-5pm)


Nancy Cartwright, �Causes, Evidence and Efficacy�


Brad Armendt, �Stakes and Beliefs�


���������������������������������������� Saturday - March 15


Session III (9 am -12 noon)


Patrick Suppes, �The Nature of Probability�

������� ������������������������������

J. McKenzie Alexander, �Local Interactions and the Dynamics of Rational Deliberation�


Cristina Bicchieri, �Behaving as Expected: Public Information and Fairness Norms�


Session IV (2pm � 5pm)


Persi Diaconis, �A Plea for help: Please Don�t Stop Thinking About the Foundations of���������

��������������������� ����Probability�

������������ ����

�� A breakfast buffet will be available each morning of the conference beginning at 8 am in����

the Catalina meeting room.


Sponsored by:

UCI Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, UCI School of Social Sciences

UCI Office of Research

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