Probability and Statistics, Econ 15 A & B


Reminder: You are responsible for all the material on this page, including the Fine Print below.

Basic Information


Summoning the Google with an Electric
              Computing DeviceRequired Software: EViews Eviews is available through UCI's Virtual Computer Lab. Eviews also should beinstalled on all computer labs in the School of Social Sciences, as well as many of the public access NACS labs on campus. (EViews is not on all campus computers; e.g., it is not on the reference terminals in the libraries.) All computing assignments must be completed using EViews; using other software (e.g. Excel, SPLUS, SPSS, etc.) is not permitted.


Exams: 85 points total

  • 3 midterms and 1 comprehensive final, lowest score dropped
    • these 3 tests are equally weighted

Homework: 15 points total

  • 2  equally weighted computer assignments designed to ensure familiarity with statistical software.

Extra Credit: 11 points total

  • Lab attendance – 1 point per week, starting week 2 [total 9 pts]
  • Mid/end of term course evaluations – 1 point [total 2 pts]

A ≥  93.5  > A- ≥  90 >
B+ ≥  86.5  > B ≥  83.5  > B- ≥  80 >
C+ ≥  76.5  > C ≥  73.5  > C- ≥  70 >
D+ ≥  66.5  > D ≥  63.5  > D- ≥  60  > F



Comments and Hints

  • On (relevant) exams, you will have access to a table for N(0, 1) -- it is also included in the Need to Knows.
  • A summary of some common statistical notation.
  • For all of Econ 15A-B, whenever we mention a data set, you may always assume that it contains at least two distinct (i.e., unequal) numbers.
  • In your calculations, the minimum level of precision is as follows: all calculations must be made to at least two digits of precision; any remaining digits can simply be dropped (you do not have to round up). You can, of course, be more precise than this if you wish.



Fine Print

Students are responsible for checking their UCI email accounts daily, and for checking this website for notifications daily. 

The default consequence for violating any of the course rules below is to receive an F for the entire course.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Academic (dis)honesty at UCI is summarized here.

Courtesy and collegiality towards all persons connected with this course (students, TAs, instructor, etc.) is required at all times.


Problems with exam. Dropping your lowest test score is the course mechanism for dealing with all problematic cases involving exams, and only one such score will be dropped per student. This may occur for any number of reason, for example: issues concerning your athletic/band/debate/social/work schedule, illness, stuck in traffic, forgot the test date, job/internship interview, alien abduction, family emergency, doctor’s appointment, high, drunk, weather difficulties, other tests that day, your test ``mysteriously'' disappeared, etc. If this course is a sufficiently low priority for you that you will miss half or more of the exams, you may wish to consider whether this is the right time for you to be taking a university-level class.

During exams: During the exam, if you leave the exam room for any reason, you will not be permitted to return. Phones and similar devices (tablets, dictionaries, etc.) are not permitted in the exam room. Laptops, etc. must be turned completely off and must not be visible and/or available for use in any way. Also, only calculators capable of very basic functions are permitted. Devices capable of displaying graphs, displaying content such as definitions, functions, notes etc., interfacing with a computer or the internet are not permitted. You are responsible for bringing a calculator with appropriate functionality. Here are some examples of permissible and impermissible calculators.  All violations of this policy will be treated as acts of academic dishonesty, regardless of what information has or has not been stored or displayed on the device


Any concerns regarding homework or extra credit (lab attendance, test preps, etc.) must be addressed within one week of the relevant score’s being posted on EEE. After that, the scores are written in stone.


Any concerns regarding exams must be addressed within two weeks of the relevant score’s being posted on EEE. After that, the scores are written in stone.

You are responsible for taking care of these matters within the allotted time frame. Simply emailing the TA/instructor asking them to take care of things for you is typically not sufficient; you should plan to make an appointment in person with the relevant person(s) about any such issues, and to resolve them within the time frame.

Once the exam has been graded, if it leaves the TA's presence for any length of time, your score will not be altered under any circumstances.