Simon Huttegger

Simon Huttegger

Ph.D., University of Salzburg
SST 785 | 949-824-3220

My research interests include game and decision theory, philosophy of biology, and philosophy of science. In particular, I am interested in evolutionary game theory and the theory of learning in games. I have done work on the evolution of signaling. I have also been working on information transfer between agents capable of learning. Moreover, I am interested in measurability and quantification in evolutionary and developmental biology. I am currently working on geometric representations in biology. Apart from these more specific research topics, I am also interested in induction, probability, and dynamical systems. Some of my papers can be found below. My Erdos number is 4. To learn more about me see my cv.

From 2010 to 2013 I am PI of the NSF funded project "Collaborative Research: Dynamic Perspectives on Costs and Conflicts in Signaling Interactions", together with Kevin Zollman (Carnegie Mellon) and Carl T. Bergstrom (University of Washington).


Selected Bibliography

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